Angel of UNITY

Angel of UNITY

Code of Light: “The Angel of UNITY

On the eve of Christmas these Codes of Light “The Angel of UNITY” descended on Mother Earth.

To bring New Light.

To bring Harmony.

To bring Joy.

To bring Truth.

To bring Unity.

When going to the Heart of The Angel of Unity, the only thing you have to do is: BE

BE in the Moment.

BE in the Silence.

BE in the Great Unknowing.

BE in the Void.

And let the Words come to you. Listen to the answers of the Heart of The Angel of UNITY. Welcome everything. Listen to the Heavenly sounds of Music that comes to You. Rock yourself as if you were in a Cradle. And Surrender.

Feel the protection of the Wings of The Angel of UNITY. You are Save. Where ever you Go. Where ever you Are. Feel the connection with Mother Earth. Feel her Breathing. Feel how she is Grounding You. See the Crystal deep down in Mother Earth. Slowly travel trough your Heart and you rise up. Feel the connection with Father Sun. Feel his Brightness. Feel his Power. Feel how he is Supporting you. See Yourself. As the Great Pillar of Light. And Arise. Go higher, Go into the Universe. And then, Feel the Embrace of The Divine Mother. SHE is there. And takes care of All her Children. Yes, YOU included.

YOU, Beautiful Child of LOVE.

YOU, Beautiful Child of LIGHT.

IT’S TIME … ( o … ma … ti … kuna … o … ie … ne … ma … ruch )

Step into the Great Light. Shine your Light.

We are all ONE.


We are LOVE.

We are JOY.

We are Light.

We are UNITY.

Take the Codes of Light of The Angel of UNITY with you trough the coming New Year. Let the year 2023 BE the year of UNITY. That’s the wish of The Angel of UNITY and my wish for 2023. And of course it’s also the wish of my Beloved Paul. In UNITY together.

Code of Light: The Angel of UNITY, created by HelenaHeArt on 24-12-2022 (6-3-6)

Words given to me by my Lemurian guide Kyaleya, on 26-12-2022 Portalday (Maya) White Wind Kin 222.

Heavenly music playing when words came down to Mother Earth from the CD: Best of Stellar 432 Hz Relaxation.

The Angel of UNITY, uploading with Rainbowlight

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